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Who are we? is a webshop with great passion and love for animals, animal welfare and sustainability. is located on our disused farm with horses, chickens, dogs and rabbits and therefore our webshop should of course have delicious products for animals.

I myself have a background as a zookeeper with a specialty in horses, as well as a trained agricultural technologist with a specialty in livestock. Animals and nature have always been a natural part of my everyday life and I am therefore incredibly happy to be able to combine my passion with my webshop.

We have a wide selection of a little bit of everything for pets, chickens and game birds in the garden, small animals and horses.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5/5

Sustainability and quality

We care a lot about sustainability and only use used cardboard boxes for shipping, environmentally friendly tape and recycled packing material. We sort our waste and are happy to accept used cardboard boxes.

And what pet doesn't love a good cardboard box to play with ;-) ?

We are very focused on ensuring that what we sell is of high quality, so that it lasts longer, is produced under proper conditions, and preferably sustainably.

It is important to us to sell quality food for your pets, which helps them to be healthy and happy.


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